5 Things I Learned about Photographing Children

Ever since one of my best friends bought her house, I’ve been inspired to photograph her children there. Armed with my grey card and speed light, we masqueraded a photo shoot as a playdate. What followed was an hour of posing, lighting and hilarity to complete my Olde-Worlde Fine Art Child Photography vision.

Here are five things that I learned that day:

Minikin Photography Children 61. Make it fun

Most children don’t like posing. So turning the whole experience in to a game will make it an enjoyable experience for all. Let them do it their way, then they (might) let you pose them too.

2. Plan your shoot

Know what you are aiming to achieve and plan it as much as possible- outfits, lighting, background. This will reduce the time that your subject needs to be in front of your camera.

3. Be flexible

I’ve mentioned planning your shoot. However, remaining too focussed on ‘the one’ image might distract you from getting another that may even be better. Keep your mind open and be creative.

Minikin Photography Children 44. Patience is key

Children, especially young children, don’t often have much patience. This has to be counteracted with loads from you. Sometimes the best photos are achieved in the space of a few seconds. By being calm, you’ll be able to spot those moments. Who knows, your calm demeanour might even rub off on them?

5. Know your equipment

Camera settings, flash settings- know how all of your equipment works so that you can quickly and easily deal with changing conditions.

We already have another shoot lined up with a theme that is really special to this family. Watch this space!

Minikin Photography Children 3

Minikin Photography Children 2

Minikin Photography Children 1




Posted on June 22, 2016 in Sessions

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